Sunday Read: Why Vote?

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Tuesday, November 8, is Election Day. Early voting and mail in voting are available in many states. Your vote means more today than in recent elections — because we need more whistleblower champions in Congress. Taking action for whistleblowers means taking the time to vote. Voting for candidates that support whistleblowers is critical today.

National Whistleblower Center, works to help educate Congress about whistleblower protections and best practices and we need your help. NWC frequently shares opportunities to take action and elections are no different.

Throughout the year, we send thousands of letters to elected officials calling on them to take action. Your voices are powerful, and this Sunday we will describe some of the ways you have made change for whistleblowers.

Saving the Commodities Futures Trading Commission

In 2021, the Commodities Futures Trading Commission (“CFTC”) Whistleblower Program was at risk of becoming a victim of its own success. NWC sprung into action, rallying our subscribers to call for emergency action to save the program. Thousands of letters were sent and change was made. Within months, Congressional bi-partisen efforts moved a critical law to enactment — saving the CFTC program, all thanks to the loud voices of NWC supporters.

The CFTC reported a record year in 2021, and recently published a glowing report of the Whistleblower Program’s performance in 2022. The CFTC program would be in shambles without public engagement and support for Congress. We can continue to make a difference together to address issues like the massive holes in the Ant-Money Laundering whistleblower program and others — as long as we elect the right people to represent us!

Ringing the Alarm about Bad Rules at the Securities and Exchange Commission

In 2018, the Securities and Exchange Commission introduced amendments to their incredibly successful whistleblower program. The amendments contained several bad rules, that if adopted would have spelled disaster for whistleblowers and destroyed the program. NWC sent several letters to the Commission. These letters outlined all of the reason’s the SEC should reconsider and. Improve their rules. But it is your voices that made the Commission change.

In 2019, NWC hand delivered over 100,000 signatures to the SEC. These signed letters showed your overwhelming support for the changes NWC was fighting for. By signing these letters, you sent a clear message to the Commission and other U.S. agencies that whistleblowers are supported and your voices will not be ignored.

In 2020, the SEC issued the new rules. Not only did these rules include nearly all the changes NWC fought for, but each Commissioner issued a statement of support for the SEC program. In 2022, the SEC announced that it fixed both of the lingering issues with the new rules, and has repeatedly published statements supporting and celebrating the whistleblower program. Your voices helped revolutionize the way the SEC views its own program and has benefitted the thousands of whistleblowers who submit tips every year.

Celebrating Whistleblowers

NWC celebrates National Whistleblower Day every year. Your attendance and participation shows the world that whistleblower issues are important and supported by the public. In 2021 we has over 10,000 visits during the event, and in 2022 we racked up over 300 watch hours in three-days. Year over year, the success of our NWD celebration attracts more and more government support. In 2021 we hosted remarks from elected officials throughout the government and across parties. And, in 2022 we hosted remarks from elected officials around the world and hosted a panel for an official government office. Your support for National Whistleblower Day, encourages these elected officials to participate.

Together with the right elected officials, we can make National Whistleblower Day a Federal Day of Observance.

Why Vote?

Whistleblowing is a bi-partisan issue. A Whistleblower Network News survey, conducted by Marist (the leading polling authority), showed that American’s of all stripes believed that improved whistleblower protections should be a priority for Congress. A Project On Government Oversight poll also showed that whistleblower protections are a priority to Republican voters.

Whistleblower protections are created and upheld by our elected officials. So, get out there and vote for the candidate you believe is most likely to support whistleblowers. Send NWC a photo to with your voting sticker for a chance to win a copy of the Whistleblower’s Handbook.

Support NWC

National Whistleblower Center will continue to fight for whistleblower regardless of Tuesday’s election results. Whoever is elected will need to hear from us. You support is needed to help NWC continue educating elected officials and collaborate with critical agencies like the House Office of the Whistleblower Ombuds. Donate $10 today to show your support for whistleblowers and our democracy!



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