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4 min readNov 28, 2022

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As the holiday season begins, we contemplate what really matters. It is critical to consider whistleblowers at this time where we are called to give thanks and to share love throughout humanity. This Thanksgiving, many whistleblowers faced isolation and frustration. Families who told them to “get over it” or living with the fear of coming forward — carrying a heavy secret and not knowing who to tell. That is where NWC comes in.

These whistleblowers are not looking at holiday wish lists. They want justice. Every day, we benefit from the work of courageous whistleblowers and NWC fights for these whistleblowers. Each one of us who can trust the banking system, benefit from protections to our health, and enjoy clean air and water have at least one whistleblower to thank for these essentials.

Today, we draw your attention to how whistleblowers protect those things that really matter: stability, health, and the environment.

Whistleblowers Are the Key to Global Stability

Whistleblowers who report crimes that cross borders are global heroes. The information transnational whistleblowers provide create change that ripples through industries. Act to Prevent Pollution from Ships whistleblowers are sailors from around the world, with the courage to report illegal dumping at sea. Securities and Exchange Commission and Commodities Futures Trading Commission whistleblowers are high-level professionals who protect our markets. And, federal and first responder whistleblowers, protect the integrity of our public institutions.

These whistleblowers take action around the world, all with the same mission — to fight for what is right. Now more than ever, these cautious whistleblowers must be incentivized to come forward with information that can protect the stability of our world.

The establishment of the anti-money laundering whistleblower program was a major victory for whistleblowers with information about financial crimes. The program creates the first step to an effective program that can supercharge the United States ability to stop money laundering which threatens global peace. But, the law that was passed is only the beginning. Congress needs to give this law teeth.

Health Whistleblowers Protect the Vulnerable

Whistleblowers who report medical fraud protect the vulnerable. Using the False Claims Act, these whistleblowers are able to bring cases on behalf of the government — recovering millions for taxpayers and ending medical fraud. Fraud in the health care sector reflects problems like intentional misdiagnosis, overbilling for services or billing for services never rendered, billing for unnecessary treatments, and beyond. These frauds effect vulnerable populations — patients — who are directly impacted by this misconduct. They also impact every person seeking medical care by impacting premiums and wrongfully obtaining payments from Medicaid and Medicare (taxpayer funded programs).

Other whistleblowers play an important role in addressing issues in health care and public health worldwide. A whistleblower was the first to name COVID-19 as a major threat to public health. Whistleblowers took down the fraudulent testing company Theranos, which harmed untold numbers by providing inaccurate results on critical tests. Whistleblowers represented the government in hundreds of cases punishing COVID-19 frauds. Whistleblowers will be the key to understanding and preventing public health issues in the future.

Whistleblowers Protect our Environment

National Whistleblower Center has long support whistleblowers who speak up about threats to our environment. Whistleblowers have helped avert disaster in the nuclear power sector and continue to hold oil and gas companies accountable into the future. Wildlife whistleblowers protect species who contribute to thriving ecosystems which support the lungs of our earth and places that are the source of many important medicines. On National Whistleblower Day, NWC spoke with environmental defender and whistleblower, Alfred Brownell, about the Importance of protecting environmental and wildlife whistleblowers.

Environmental crimes happen in so many different sectors, and environmental protections are yet to see robust laws that would empower whistleblowers. From. Environmental Social and Governance goals, to emissions projections, endangered species protections, or net zero projects, require whistleblower oversight. Corporate and governmental decisions about environmental impacts are made behind closed doors. Greenwashing, public statements about environmental impacts that are either entirely false or misleading, runs rampant. Wildlife trafficking grows with the benefit of online platforms and unrestricted marketplaces. Whistleblowers courageously speak up about all of these issues — sign the wildlife pledge to show that you too believe wildlife and environmental whistleblowers deserve protection.

Focus on What Really Matters — Support Whistleblowers Today!

In 2022, NWC has made major strides in each of these critical areas. We have relentlessly advocated for and educated the public about Anti-Money Laundering whistleblowers and the Securities and Exchange Commission Whistleblower Program. NWC has drawn attention to First Responder whistleblowers and supported improvement to the False Claims Act. And, NWC has meaningfully contributed to the redrafting of a bill that would provide wildlife whistleblowers with incentives and a more robust whistleblower program.

Others may be flooding your phone and inbox with advertisements and calls to donate. NWC invites you to join our fight. Take this opportunity to support protections for the things that really matter. This year, we strive to double our annual fundraising success and raise $20,220 for Giving Tuesday campaign. Donate today to help us continue to fight for what really matters — stability, health, the environment and the whistleblowers that protect these things every day.



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