Sunday Read: Midterm Wins

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3 min readNov 14, 2022

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Tuesday, November 8, was Election Day. Your votes made a difference to support whistleblower champions in Congress.

Millions of voters turned out to support candidates who support whistleblowers. These important elections are critical to advancing important whistleblower issues. Anti-Money Laundering (“AML”) Whistleblower Program improvements are urgently needed, and strongly supported by three candidates who had promising outcomes in the recent midterm elections.

National Whistleblower Center works to help educate Congress about whistleblower protections and best practices and we celebrate all of you who set out to vote. This week we celebrate important midterm wins and urge you to take action to support the ongoing fight for whistleblower protectors in Congress.

Senator Grassley Elected for Eighth Term!

Senator Charles “Chuck” Grassley of Iowa was re-elected for his eighth term on the U.S. Senate. Sen. Grassley has long been celebrated as the leading whistleblower champion in Congress. His time as a Senator has resulted in several essential improvements to whistleblower protections in the United States. Sen. Grassley’s fight continues as he relentlessly introduces improvements to the Securities and Exchange Commission, Internal Revenue Service, and other whistleblower programs.

In 2021, Senator Grassley reintroduced a bill to improve incentives for Anti-Money Laundering whistleblowers. Sen. Grassley understands that whistleblowers are the key to uncovering large scale crimes like money laundering. NWC hosted a panel on Anti-Money Laundering whistleblowers in April 2022. Senator Grassley’s re-election gives NWC great hope that the untold numbers of potential whistleblowers with information about money laundering will soon feel safe enough to come forward!

Representative Alma Adams Re-Elected in North Carolina!

Representative Alma Adams was re-elected to represent her district in North Carolina. Congresswoman Adams is the frontrunner for anti-money whistleblower program improvements in the U.S. House of Representatives. In 2021, Rep. Adams courageously introduced a companion bill to Sen. Grassley’s AML improvements in the Senate. Congresswoman Adams understands the importance of incentivizing Anti-Money Laundering whistleblowers, and thanks to her leadership the AML bill moved forward with the support of the House Committee on Financial Services. The bill currently sits in the House awaiting a floor vote and approval. Congresswoman Adams’ re-election gives NWC great hope that the House can work together to incentivize these critical whistleblowers with her continued leadership on this important bill!

Senator Warnock Goes into a Runoff!

Senator Raphael Warnock of Georgia has supported several important whistleblower bills. Most significantly, he is a co-sponsor for the Senate AML improvements. Sen. Warnock’s support of the bill reflects the bi-partisan support for the AML incentives that are so badly needed to help the U.S. stave off rampant financial crime. Senator Warnock understands the value whistleblowers bring to protecting our democracy. Should he win the runoff election, Senators Warnock and Grassley can continue to work together — speaking up for whistleblowers and showing that whistleblower protections are a non-partisan issue. NWC is hopeful for Sen. Warnock’s runoff election results and are eager to celebrate the continued presence of another whistleblower champion in Congress.

Tell Congress to adopt the AML whistleblower program improvements today. Use your voice to make sure Senators Grassley and Warnock and Representative Adams’ efforts can become law before a new Congress takes over.

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National Whistleblower Center will continue to fight for whistleblowers and is so grateful to have the opportunity to work with a new Congress and legacy champions like Senator Grassley and Congresswoman Adams. The power of your voices has been heard by these legislators and we will continue to help you tell them how important whistleblower protections are.

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